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5 Reasons why you Need Bifolds this Summer

Living in the UK means we have to make the most out of every bit of sunshine and nice weather we get. Especially during the summer season, a set of aluminium bifolding doors can benefit your home in multiple ways – more than you can imagine. Keep reading to discover five reasons why bifolds are a must-have addition to your house this summer.


Use of Garden to the Fullest

Bi-folds create the ideal space to relax and enjoy the beauty of your garden. When the weather is favourable, they can stay open all day, bringing in the much needed warm summer breeze. On the other hand, when it gets a bit chilly, you can keep your aluminium bifolds shut while still enjoying a nice view of your summer garden – it is a win-win situation!


Ideal for Hosting Gatherings

Summer means long afternoons that turn into nights, having fun with friends and family. With covid restrictions finally easing up, now it’s the perfect time to invite a few friends over and enjoy each other’s company, out in the open, in the nice and cosy space created by opening up your home to the outdoors. What is more, bifold doors are ideal for barbeques, one of the greatest summer traditions!


Perfect Solution for a Home Office

Working from home can be even harder during summertime. Thankfully, a set of aluminium bifolds opening up your space to give you a great view, can make your home office a much more enjoyable place to be productive and get work done. A set of glass doors can almost turn it into an appealing garden office, helping you work undistracted by the fear of missing out on the great weather.


Great Energy Efficiency

Aluminium bifolding doors will allow fresh air to enter your house, keeping it cool and helping you lower your energy bills on warm days. On the other hand, due to their excellent insulation properties, they are also designed to keep heat inside during colder nights, saving you the costs of heating your place.


Fantastic year-round Asset

While aluminium bifolds are a great asset for your home during summer, they provide a few fantastic benefits for you and your family to enjoy all year round. Winter months still provide wonderful views – which you can keep on appreciating through bifold doors. Moreover, glass doors allow you to exploit all of the sunlight’s warmth during colder months.


Are you intrigued? To order your own UK-made aluminium bifolds get in touch today to receive a quick quote via our online door designer. For any other bifold queries, our friendly sales team can assist you on 01924 929 600 or via email on sales@ukdoorsonline.co.uk.

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