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Aluminium BiFolding Doors Made in the UK

UK Doors Online was founded on the values we felt aluminium manufacturing was missing – excellent customer service, fast turnaround times, instant ordering and quotes and the highest quality products at affordable prices. To achieve these values we manufacture our bifolding doors in-house here in the UK. But how does this benefit you?


Manufacturing our own bifolding doors allows us to have greater control over our product. Meaning we can check on progress and quality control. Ensuring our bi folding doors meets your extract design requirements and demands. Any questions you have on the current status of your doors can be swiftly answered and confirmed.


Greater control leads to greater flexibility. Manufacturing our customer’s bi folding doors allows us to offer you complete customisation. Things can also go wrong in manufacturing.  By keeping our manufacturing in-house, we can also resolve issues and make any changes quickly.


With UK manufacturing, our products do not have to travel overseas to get to you, reducing the amount of air miles required by our products. The less distance travelled, the less fuel is used and the less damage our bifolding doors have on the environment. Control over the production of our products also gives us control on waste management, when choosing UKD online your assured you’re making a greener choice.


Being based in the UK doesn’t just allow us to make an quick changes to your products but also enables fast deliveries to our customers. With less distance to travel, the time it takes from production to delivery is kept to a minimum. With in-house production, our products can get to you within a fast turnaround.

To order your own UK-made bi folds get in touch today to receive a quick quote via our online door designer. For any other bi fold queries, our friendly sales team can assist you on 01924 929 600. To find out more about our range of bifolding doors view our product page or email sales@ukdoorsonline.co.uk.

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