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3 Questions to Ask Yourself when Buying Bifolding Doors

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 14/05/2021

  Aluminium bifolding doors are a great addition to any property, being extremely practical as well as visually stunning. Our slim bifolds with minimal visible framework will add value to your home and extend its interior to the outside. If you are thinking about buying new bifolds for your home, there are 3 important questions…

How do you spell Bifolds?

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 14/05/2021

  Some words have more than one spelling. That is a fact. But do you know which word actually has 12 of them?! UK Doors Online’s most popular product, the aluminium bi-folding door, can be seen spelled in 12 different ways – although not all of them are grammatically correct. Here is a list with…

Bifolding Doors: Which Type of Threshold should I Choose?

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 04/05/2021

  Bifold doors are becoming more and more popular, not only because of the wow-factor they add to a home, but because they flood a room with natural light while providing great views. If you have decided to buy some bifolding doors for your property, there are a few things to consider to ensure you…

Are Garden Rooms the Absolute 2021 Trend?

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 26/04/2021

Using a garden room to combine the beauty of nature and the outdoors with the comforts of your home, is definitely not a new concept. Over the past year, however, due to social distancing and working from home, garden rooms have acquired a whole new meaning and are being seen in a new light by…

House Extension Ideas: Extend your Home with Style

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 19/04/2021

Are you planning a house extension and looking for ideas? We understand that this kind of project can be anything but simple. But, if the end result adds value and style to your home, isn’t it all worth it? In this blog article, you will find advice on how to extend your house with style…

Home Improvement Projects: Spring Edition

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 12/04/2021

Spring is finally here – days are getting longer and brighter and the weather starts getting warmer. This is the perfect time to focus on some improvement projects that will give your home a breath of new life. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few home improvement ideas to consider this…

DIY Easter Door Decoration Ideas

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 01/04/2021

As we are getting ready to celebrate another – hopefully, the last one – Easter indoors, it is important to still have some fun at home. Decorating your home exterior is not only a fun and creative activity, but it will also put you into the festive mood, while making your house façade look great!…

3 UK Interior Design bloggers you need to follow

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 26/03/2021

  The pandemic has changed our lives in a million ways. One of them is how much more time and effort people have been spending on curating their home. Thankfully, there are many interior design blogs on the web, with useful tips on how to improve, decorate and add value to your house – so…

5 Feng Shui Tips for the Doors in your Home

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 18/03/2021

Feng shui is a traditional philosophy and practice originating from ancient China. According to feng shui, you can establish harmony and create balance between you and the world surrounding you by arranging the elements in your space according to some guidelines. Feng shui experts all over the world guarantee that by embracing their philosophy, you…


Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 10/03/2021

You might be thinking of making some improvements to your home, either because you intend on selling it or simply for you and your family to enjoy. Before you invest valuable time and money on this project, first you should carefully consider which upgrades really add value to your house in the long term. Below…

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