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Halloween Porch Decoration Ideas

Posted by Georgina Collins on 29/10/2020

You may not be celebrating Halloween this year exactly how you planned but that doesn’t mean that no fun can be had at home. Decorating your home exterior for the spooky season is a great activity for all ages, and is ensured to put you into the festive mood. If you’re expecting socially distanced trick…

Bifold Door Size Configuration

Posted by Georgina Collins on 22/10/2020

The popularity of bifolds is largely due to their versatility. Designed to transform an entire wall space into glazing, bifolds are manufactured around your existing space. Resulting in a unique and individual number of panes and sash sizes. This customisability can also include the additional option of a traffic door and the opening direction of your…

The Benefits of a Traffic Door

Posted by Georgina Collins on 17/10/2020

A traffic door (or access leaf or master door) is an optional additional feature of a bifold door system. Similarly to a conventional door, a traffic door is equipped with hinges and a lever handle. Allowing it to open and lock independently from the rest of the system. Like the name implies, it provides indoor…

Bifold Opening Direction

Posted by Georgina Collins on 07/10/2020

You may be set on bifold doors or perhaps you still need some more convincing. When designing your new home addition one thing you will need to consider is the direction in which your bifold panes will stack, inwards or outwards. A huge benefit of bifold doors, and by far its greatest appeal, is in…

5 Ways to Conserve Energy in Your Home

Posted by Georgina Collins on 01/10/2020

With the government’s Green Homes Grant coming into effect last month, improving the energy efficiency of UK households is at the forefront of many homeowners’ minds. The average home spends around £1,254 yearly on heating and electricity. Making energy one of the biggest annual costs for UK homes. Conserving the energy in your home will…

The Problems with Single Glazing

Posted by Georgina Collins on 25/09/2020

As we begin our descent into the colder seasons, you may start to notice the effects of winter on your home. This will particularly be the case if you have single glazing. Single glazed windows are highly conductive – they easily let in unwanted cold air in winter and overbearing heat in summer. Though the…

What Your Door Colour Says About You

Posted by Georgina Collins on 18/09/2020

We use colour to express ourselves, whether it be in our hair, fashion or interior design choices. Colour can say a lot about you and your persona and the same can be said for your doors. A recent survey by Sandtex paints discovered that a property’s exterior colours can reveal something about the inhabitant’s personality….

When to Replace Your Entrance Door

Posted by Georgina Collins on 11/09/2020

As the main entrance to your home, it’s important to have a strong, secure, thermally insulated and visually appealing entrance door. With the average person opening and closing their front door around 2900 times a year, front doors can go through a fair amount of wear and tear. Installing a high-quality door can help reduce…

Bifold or Slide

Posted by Georgina Collins on 04/09/2020

Modern glazed bespoke doors are becoming a must-have for contemporary properties. The benefits of letting in natural light, fresh air and nature have never been more prominent and is something our range of bifolding, sliding and patio doors can provide. Though you may be unwaveringly set on upgrading your wall space with sleek aluminium glazing,…

Blinds for Bifold Doors

Posted by Georgina Collins on 28/08/2020

Bifold doors are a brilliant way of letting light in and opening up your home to the outdoors. However, sometimes bifold doors can be too effective. Even within rural homes, with large glass doors and windows you may still experience the “goldfish bowl effect” and feel as if your indoor life is on show for…

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