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Bifold Doors

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How to measure the opening for your bifold doors

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 27/08/2021

  Like each home, each aluminium bifold door is also unique – with a range of different openings, accessories and colours, every door is customisable to requirements. Here at UK Doors Online, sleek and modern aluminium bifold doors are handcrafted to our customers’ specifications using the class-leading Alutech BF73 Bifold Door System. We can offer…

Top-hung OR bottom-hung bifolds?

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 13/08/2021

  Here at UK Doors Online, we often get the question ‘Are bottom-hung or top-hung bifolds better?’. If you aren’t familiar with the two terms, top-hung bi-fold doors, as the name suggests, are the ones that ‘hang’ from the top track, using the bottom track as a guide, while bottom-hung run along a bottom track,…

A Guide to Glazing & Toe and Heeling an Alutech Systems Bifolding Door

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 06/08/2021

Here at UK Doors Online, we have a large, streamlined factory which allows us to manufacture multiple product types of the highest quality, all with a fast turnaround time. All of our products – bifolding doors, French doors, entrance doors and more – are manufactured to the highest standards, all compliant with British Standards, Building…

5 Reasons why you Need Bifolds this Summer

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 05/07/2021

Living in the UK means we have to make the most out of every bit of sunshine and nice weather we get. Especially during the summer season, a set of aluminium bifolding doors can benefit your home in multiple ways – more than you can imagine. Keep reading to discover five reasons why bifolds are…

Bifolds VS Patio Doors for your House Extension

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 01/07/2021

When planning a house extension, one of the decisions that must be made is about the type of door that will connect your home to the patio or garden. Safety and functionality are perhaps the two most important factors to consider. However, an elegant and modern design is also important and should be factored in…

3 Questions to Ask Yourself when Buying Bifolding Doors

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 14/05/2021

  Aluminium bifolding doors are a great addition to any property, being extremely practical as well as visually stunning. Our slim bifolds with minimal visible framework will add value to your home and extend its interior to the outside. If you are thinking about buying new bifolds for your home, there are 3 important questions…

How do you spell Bifolds?

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 14/05/2021

  Some words have more than one spelling. That is a fact. But do you know which word actually has 12 of them?! UK Doors Online’s most popular product, the aluminium bi-folding door, can be seen spelled in 12 different ways – although not all of them are grammatically correct. Here is a list with…

Bifolding Doors: Which Type of Threshold should I Choose?

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 04/05/2021

  Bifold doors are becoming more and more popular, not only because of the wow-factor they add to a home, but because they flood a room with natural light while providing great views. If you have decided to buy some bifolding doors for your property, there are a few things to consider to ensure you…

Home Improvement Projects: Spring Edition

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 12/04/2021

Spring is finally here – days are getting longer and brighter and the weather starts getting warmer. This is the perfect time to focus on some improvement projects that will give your home a breath of new life. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few home improvement ideas to consider this…

Double Glazing VS Triple Glazing – Which is best and why?

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 03/03/2021

  A few months ago, we shared an article on the problems with single glazing. While the benefits of replacing your single-glazed doors and windows with new, double-glazed ones are quite evident, there are still some more options to consider. For example, you might be wondering whether it would be an even better investment to…

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