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Bifold Doors

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Design Your Bifolding Doors Online

Posted by Georgina Collins on 18/01/2021

Here at UK Doors Online we manufacture all your aluminium doors to order. Meaning individual doors can be made completely bespoke to suit different tastes and spaces. Designing your bifolding door can be a little overwhelming, so we’re here to talk you through each design step in making your door online. Size The first stage…

Aluminium BiFolding Doors Made in the UK

Posted by Georgina Collins on 11/01/2021

UK Doors Online was founded on the values we felt aluminium manufacturing was missing – excellent customer service, fast turnaround times, instant ordering and quotes and the highest quality products at affordable prices. To achieve these values we manufacture our bifolding doors in-house here in the UK. But how does this benefit you? Control Manufacturing…

Choosing a Threshold

Posted by Georgina Collins on 08/12/2020

When designing your custom-made bifolding door, a key counterpart is in choosing your threshold. The threshold extends along the base of the door and is what you step over when walking through the doors. The purpose is to protect your interior by providing weather resistance, i.e. to stop water coming indoors. Though admittedly not the…

How to Clean Your Bi-fold Doors

Posted by Georgina Collins on 02/12/2020

Bi fold doors are a great addition to any property. They can transform an entire wall-space into contemporary glazing which has the ability to extend your interior to the outside. So it’s only natural that you would want to keep your bi folds clean and in pristine condition. Though aluminium bi-folds require minimal maintenance, regular…

How Long will my Bi-fold Doors Last?

Posted by Georgina Collins on 26/11/2020

You’re ready to take the bi-fold plunge but you may be hesitant about one thing… How long will your new bifolds last and when would you need to replace them? The life span of bifolding doors is dependant on the manufacturer, material and how well its looked after. With UK Doors Online, we can provide high…

Bifolding Doors for Your Home

Posted by Georgina Collins on 13/11/2020

Aluminium bifolding doors are increasingly becoming a must-have for UK homeowners, creating a visually stunning and practical addition to any modern property. With our slim profile sections and minimal visible framework, our bifolding door system can add huge value to your home by maximising the glass area of a wallspace. Available in a range of…

Bifold Door Size Configuration

Posted by Georgina Collins on 22/10/2020

The popularity of bifolds is largely due to their versatility. Designed to transform an entire wall space into glazing, bifolds are manufactured around your existing space. Resulting in a unique and individual number of panes and sash sizes. This customisability can also include the additional option of a traffic door and the opening direction of your…

The Benefits of a Traffic Door

Posted by Georgina Collins on 17/10/2020

A traffic door (or access leaf or master door) is an optional additional feature of a bifold door system. Similarly to a conventional door, a traffic door is equipped with hinges and a lever handle. Allowing it to open and lock independently from the rest of the system. Like the name implies, it provides indoor…

Bifold Opening Direction

Posted by Georgina Collins on 07/10/2020

You may be set on bifold doors or perhaps you still need some more convincing. When designing your new home addition one thing you will need to consider is the direction in which your bifold panes will stack, inwards or outwards. A huge benefit of bifold doors, and by far its greatest appeal, is in…

Blinds for Bifold Doors

Posted by Georgina Collins on 28/08/2020

Bifold doors are a brilliant way of letting light in and opening up your home to the outdoors. However, sometimes bifold doors can be too effective. Even within rural homes, with large glass doors and windows you may still experience the “goldfish bowl effect” and feel as if your indoor life is on show for…

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