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2022 Interior Design Trends: What to Expect

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 02/12/2021

With our lives slowly coming back to normal in the past few months, everyone is looking forward to starting a new chapter in 2022 – one hopefully involving more going out, socialising and traveling, and a lot less staying at home. On the other hand, with work from home, virtual events and other parts of…

Improve your Home this Winter

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 18/11/2021

We tend to think that spring is the ideal time to tackle some home improvement projects. The truth is, however, that when spring arrives, you’re going to be spending most of your free time outside enjoying the warmer weather, without paying that much attention to the interior of your house. Winter is therefore a perfect…

Why choose French Doors for your Home

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 10/09/2021

  French Doors have been growing rapidly in popularity for a few years now, and it’s not hard to see why – they are a stunning addition to any home, adding to the overall aesthetic. Whether we are talking about interior doors, or external door which lead to an outdoor garden or patio, French doors…

Home Improvement Projects to get done before Summer is Out

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 03/09/2021

Autumn is just around the corner and there are plenty of easy ways to improve your home while the weather is still favourable. Sometimes all you need to do is invest some time, a bit of money, and an amount of effort to make the house of your dreams! In this article you will find…

3 minimal interior designs you will love

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 28/07/2021

What is the minimalist interior design style? This style is characterised by simplicity and clean, modern lines. The main concept revolving around the minimalist design is ‘less is more’ – you want to keep your space as uncluttered and serene as possible and with a concise colour palette. Achieving this style without having the room…

Bifolds VS Patio Doors for your House Extension

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 01/07/2021

When planning a house extension, one of the decisions that must be made is about the type of door that will connect your home to the patio or garden. Safety and functionality are perhaps the two most important factors to consider. However, an elegant and modern design is also important and should be factored in…

Add a WOW factor to your Home

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 23/06/2021

You don’t have to redesign your entire home in order to give it that WOW factor that will leave your guests breathless – most times, just one unique feature is enough. A WOW Factor is a striking, impressive quality that exceeds expectations; something that makes your house stand out from the rest. Is that what…

Top 2021 Kitchen Trends (that are here to stay!)

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 11/06/2021

After over a year in and out of quarantine, spending more time inside our homes than ever, it’s no surprise that home improvement projects have been rising drastically. In 2021, we have noticed that many homeowners are showing a particular interest in kitchen renovations; therefore, we gathered some of the top kitchen trends of 2021…

Jaw-dropping Houses: What do they have in common?

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 04/06/2021

Modern, luxury houses offer a lifestyle that is envied by many. Because who doesn’t dream of owning a luxurious home with all the comforts a person could ask for? Such homes are not necessarily million-pound mansions, but they offer owners the ultimate living experience. Whether you’re looking to buy a new home or thinking of…

Increase your Home’s Kerb Appeal

Posted by Vassiliki Bakogianni on 28/05/2021

  First impressions count; your home’s exterior should make a great first impression, as it sets the stage for what’s inside. Whether you’re looking to sell your property or just want to make some upgrades for your own enjoyment, adding kerb appeal can be an excellent way to increase your home’s value. Below you will…

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