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Choosing a Threshold

When designing your custom-made bifolding door, a key counterpart is in choosing your threshold. The threshold extends along the base of the door and is what you step over when walking through the doors.

The purpose is to protect your interior by providing weather resistance, i.e. to stop water coming indoors. Though admittedly not the most exciting part of your door, it is an important feature affecting both the functionality and look of your bifold. But why is this?

The beauty of bi folding doors is in its ability to bring the outside in. The threshold is a key enabler in this, eliminating a visual barrier of your door effectively creating a seamlessness between an interior and outside world. To capture this smooth transition,  we offer two main thresholds, Standard and Low, with a number of variations.

Standard (55mm)

Standard (55mm)

Our standard or weathered threshold (55mm) provides the utmost protection whilst still looking sleek and complimenting your overall bifold aesthetic and existing exterior. The standard threshold acts as a full weather break, keeping your home dry and warm regardless of outside elements. Hence, for external bifolding doors, the standard 55mm is recommended, especially here in the UK where we have 195 rainy days a year.


Low (20mm)

Low (20mm)

Our low threshold (20mm) does not offer as much weather protection but does create a seamless look. A low threshold will be more suitable for internal bifolding doors. For example, between your home and conservatory or as a room divider where it can be flushed for an ultra smooth look. Lower thresholds also present less of a trip hazard than higher thresholds (though minimal). So are more suited for those with mobility issues or small children. While the design may be more striking we do not recommend this for external bifolds unless in sheltered areas.


Low threshold with cill

As a general rule of thumb, when choosing your threshold there will be a trade-off between weather performance and ease of passage. However, with our sleek design and alutech systems thresholds, this trade off is minute. In addition, if you are wanting a lower threshold than standard, a 35mm add-on can be attached to our low threshold making it only slightly higher but weather-rated. We also offer a range of cills to compliment your threshold. Cills provide further weather protection by directing rain water away from the wall beneath a window or door. In turn, protecting a structure’s interior and all its inhabitants. Available in a variety of different finishes and sizes, ranging from 90mm to 190mm.

To summarise, for an external non-sheltered bifold – go standard. For an external non-sheltered bifold go with low, low with 35mm add-on or standard (though we recommend the latter two). And for an interior bifold choose low, or flushed for an uber seamless design.

To design your own tailor-made bifold fit with the right threshold use our online door designer or give one of our friendly sales members a call on 01924 929 600 for more information.



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