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Glass bifold door

At UK Doors Online we manufacture high quality glass bifold doors to meet your needs. Each of our doors are unique and built to last as well as coming with a 10-year warranty on factory powder coating and 12 months warranty on our hardware for that extra piece of mind. Opting to invest in bifold doors is a big decision and you want to be sure that you’re getting a product that you’re going to be happy with in your home for years to come and we are committed to providing that with our range of bifold doors.

A lot of our customers have questions about glass bifold doors to help them gain a better insight into the right choices for them. We have included these questions and our answers below to hopefully resolve any queries you have and generally provide you with more information about glass bifold doors that you may not have known before.

How secure are glass bifold doors?

There is a misconception that some bifold doors are not very secure and just provide a better visual appeal in the home which we can assure you is not the case. Our range of bifold doors are extremely secure as they are made from aluminium which is one of the strongest materials available on the market today. That combined with toughened safety glass and our hardware make our bifold doors some of the safest available.

Do bifold doors provide thermal efficiency?

Yes, bifold doors can be extremely thermally efficient, particularly when they are made from aluminium. Our doors can offer u-values of 1.6 with double glazed glass installed and 1.4 with triple glazed. Aluminium comes with a thermal break which stops the material passing heat straight through. With bifold doors you will notice the difference in the thermal efficiency in your home and save a significant amount of money in your energy bills during the winter months.

Are bifold doors easy to clean?

Cleaning aluminium bifold doors is as easy as cleaning your windows. They will only require a basic clean every now and then, but it will increase the life of your doors and help them maintain a brand-new look and finish for a long time.

Do I need planning permission for bifold doors?

If you are replacing existing doors you typically won’t need planning permission to add glass bifold doors to your home. However, if you live in a conservation area you might need to enquire for more information from your local council before going ahead. Also, it is important to keep in mind that if you are building an extension to your property and wanting to add bifold doors it is best to check with your local building regulations before starting the work.

Why should I choose aluminium?

Aluminium is a low-density metal that provides the perfect balance between strength and security with an inviting and appealing visual look. Bifold doors in the past have been bulky and unattractive to look at as they only offered a functional value. Nowadays however, slimline frames offer widespan views and bring a lot of light into your home creating a modern and stylish atmosphere.

Design your perfect bifold

Our glass bifold doors can be supplied with a low-level threshold or with the standard rebated threshold sunk into the internal floor level. A bifold door with a low threshold provides you with flush levels between adjoining floor areas. This could be used for internal bifold doors which have been installed as room dividers or positioned between your house and conservatory. A standard threshold is usually recommended for external bifold doors to allow for a weather seal to be created. We also have ramp options available so if there is someone with a disability in the home they will be able to use the doors easily with no issues.

All of our bifold doors can come with double or triple glazing to help secure maximum insulation. Each glazed unit in our external bifold doors is made from toughened safety glass which has increased strength in comparison with normal glass.

PAS24 (Publicly Available Specification) is the standard for testing the level of security of all external windows and doors at ground floor level (or within easy access) as they should always provide suitable protection against an opportunist burglar. PAS24:2016 enhanced security certification is a minimum Building Regulations Document Q requirement for all new homes in England and Wales. Also, it is the recommended minimum standard for refurbishment and replacement projects in existing properties. UK Doors Online glass bifold doors are certified to PAS24 as standard to give customers extra peace of mind that our products are manufactured to the highest standard in terms of security.

As previously mentioned cleaning regularly will mean your glass bifold doors will need little in the way of maintenance from a professional. As well as washing down the glass and cleaning the frame with warm soapy water, you should make sure the tracks at the bottom of the door are free from debris such as stones and leaves. Also, you can lubricate the locks and mechanisms with a silicon-based spray to keep them running and opening smoothly.

External bifold doors not closing is normally a sign that there is an issue with the alignment of the doors with the tracks and some adjustment would be needed to resolve it. Hinges can be altered with an allen key until the doors run flush. If the doors are dropping or dragging out of the tracks the hinge bolts might need adjusting on the doors.


For more information about our glass bifold doors contact our team at UK Doors Online today. As professional aluminium door manufacturers with many years’ experience in the industry we can answer any questions you might have or provide more details to help you feel fully confident in purchasing bifold doors that meet all your requirements. 

Design your perfect bifold

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