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How do you spell Bifolds?


Some words have more than one spelling. That is a fact.

But do you know which word actually has 12 of them?!

UK Doors Online’s most popular product, the aluminium bi-folding door, can be seen spelled in 12 different ways – although not all of them are grammatically correct. Here is a list with all the spellings we have seen, online and offline:


  1. Bifold
  2. Bi-fold
  3. Bi Fold
  4. Byfold
  5. By-fold
  6. By Fold
  7. Bifolding
  8. Bi-folding
  9. Bi Folding
  10. Byfolding
  11. By-folding
  12. By Folding


Out of these 12, four are officially correct:

  1. Bifold
  2. Bi-fold
  3. Bifolding
  4. Bi-folding


If you are curious as to why the other 9 spellings are incorrect, there is a simple etymological explanation for it. The prefix ‘bi’ in bi-fold, bifold, bifolding and bi-folding derives from Latin, and it has the meaning ‘twice’, ‘two’. Bifolding doors or windows have, in fact, two or more sections and they are designed to fold at least twice, as they open by folding each section flat against the next. On the other hand, ‘by’ is not a prefix and therefore can’t be used in a word such as byfold, byfolding or even in the hyphenated by-fold. Lastly, as a prefix, ‘bi’ should not be separated by the word it accompanies; therefore, bi fold and and bi folding are also inaccurate.

How do you spell bifolds?

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