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How to make bifolds pet friendly?


If you follow us on social media, you may have noticed that UK Doors Online is a very pet friendly company… Our pets are our best friends and just part of the team!

That is why we always give the option of incorporating pet doors into your new, sleek aluminium bi-folding doors. Bifolds are rapidly becoming the number one choice of homeowners to connect their home to the patio. So, if you have a pet and want to get a set of bifold doors, but are worried that your little friend will not have the freedom of getting in and out of it, we can certainly help.

Incorporating a cat flap into this type of door can be really complicated and expensive with off the shelf products. At UK Doors Online though, where each door is manufactured on a completely bespoke basis to suit each customer’s requirements, we can add it easily and at a surprisingly low cost. What is more, we can provide pet door frames to match any door, so that the aesthetic is not compromised. You can have the colour of both the cat flap and bifold doors match the interior of your home perfectly!


Why add a pet flap?

There are many benefits to incorporating a pet flap onto your bifolding doors. First and foremost, it will be a daily gift to your pet, that will be free to roam around without you needing to open and close your door all the time. Additionally, the use of a pet door can help stop the extreme cold or hot temperatures from entering into your home as only a small section of the door will be opened instead of an entire door pane.


If you are interested in adding a stylish, durable and pet-friendly bifolding door to your property, UK Doors Online is the place for you. For any queries, our friendly sales team can assist you on 01924 929 600 or via email on sales@ukdoorsonline.co.uk.


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