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Roller Garage Doors

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By bringing together the highest manufacturing quality and leading design here in the UK, we provide the ideal roller garage door, providing superior protection in an attractive design.

*Roller Garage Doors are available to trade customers only*

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Made To Measure

Our garage doors all made to measure and are designed to ­fit most garage openings. By having a choice of installation methods, along with the Classic and Compact lath, the smallest and largest of openings are catered for.

Built To Last

Manufactured from strong and durable twin walled aluminium lath, with a CFC free insulating foam. This provides a high level of insulation and increases the security level as the door is very difficult to break into.

Finishing Touches

All our doors come in a variety of finishes to perfectly reflect the character of your home. We offer a choice of two types of door with 55mm or 77mm lath – designed to work perfectly in garages with headroom from 205mm to 300mm.


Save space outside as well as inside the premises. They are the ideal solution for a garage with a short driveway. You can also efficiently utilise all available roof space, inside the garage. Weather resistant to rain, to fluctuations in temperature and to corrosion. They are solid and secure, environmentally friendly and light.


Classic roller garage doors withstand a wind load up to 450 Pa, corresponding to class 2 according to EN 12424, and they can be installed in openings up to 5.92m wide and 3.8m high. A safety edge system is fitted to stop and reverse the door should it meet an obstruction when closing.


Our roller garage doors conform to the European standards of safety and wind load resistance EN 13241-1, EN 12424. They can be mounted outside or inside the premises, with a visible or concealed shutter box. Available in 77mm or 55mm lath to suit the amount of headroom available.

Key features:

  • Draft protection with our patented triple side guide sealing system
  • Full or half hood options finishing the interior off perfectly.
  • Effective seal with our deep rubber bottom seal, sealing against water ingress at the bottom of the door
  • Superior DePrat locking system assemblies with integrated steel reinforcing, offering the best protection against forceful breakins
  • Added Anti-scuff friction coating reducing friction marks on the door curtain
  • Extra strong bottom lath using Deep extruded aluminium – enhancing security of the door
  • Optimum lath thicknesses of 77mm x 19mm, one of the most rigid and insulated lath available today.
  • Abrasion resistance with a two layer lacquer coating applied to profiles at a thickness of 25-30 microns
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Vision slats – Vision slats allow natural light into your garage. Available with or without glazing.

Remote control keypad – No need for wires, a simple keypad to operate your door securely without the remote control.

Battery backup – Our doors come with a manual override as standard, having a battery backup enables remote opening even when there is no power.

Full box – If a door is being externally face fitted then a full box should always be specified.

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