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Simple Guide to an Urban Modern Living Room

The urban modern interior design style has been trending for many years now; if you want to add a modern, cosmopolitan-inspired touch to your home, then this is the style for you!

Urban modern is characterised by clear, open spaces, light colours and minimalistic pieces of furniture. And the good news is, you can create an urban modern style without having to change everything about your living room. How? Keep reading to find out.



For an authentic urban modern style, your living room needs to be equipped with some large and comfortable furniture such as a relaxing sofa and chairs. Urban modern style is all about creating a calm and comfy yet beautifully decorated space – so, you don’t want to compromise comfort for style or vice versa!



Lamps take a big part in the urban modern décor. You can choose exaggerated lighting fixtures in the middle of the living room or small, delicate lamps here and there; however you decide to brighten your space, make sure that you choose some modern and stylish pieces that will add character to the room.

Finally, add some cream or grey throws and pillows to make your living room even more comfy while adding some layers, without compromising the calm and serene tones of the room.


Colour Palette

Neutral colours are one of the main urban style features that will instantly make your living room feel more modern yet sophisticated. Such colours are beige and white or black/dark grey and white – another benefit of these colour combinations is that they make the room brighter while giving the illusion of more space.

Another way to make your living room brighter and more spacious is to add large windows or glass doors; they will help exploit natural light to the fullest while opening up your home to the outside views.


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