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Top 2021 Kitchen Trends (that are here to stay!)

After over a year in and out of quarantine, spending more time inside our homes than ever, it’s no surprise that home improvement projects have been rising drastically. In 2021, we have noticed that many homeowners are showing a particular interest in kitchen renovations; therefore, we gathered some of the top kitchen trends of 2021 with long-lasting style. Keep reading for some kitchen project inspiration!


Impressive Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands have been in-style for many years now but, in 2021, standout and unique islands are in higher demand than ever before. What makes an island impressive? The answer is very simple: it is a distinctive feature such as the choice of colour, texture, or its size. If you are considering adding an island to your kitchen, choose a contrasting colour such as navy blue or green; alternatively, opt for a unique texture or, finally, if you have a large enough space, make it stand out with its impressive size.


Open Space Concepts

Connecting your kitchen to the outside space, whether it is a large garden, patio or balcony, will benefit the room with more light and space, as well as a great view. There are really no downsides to adding a set of bifolding or patio doors to your kitchen. They are guaranteed to provide your kitchen with great aesthetics, outstanding performance and high levels of security, all while making the room feel larger and bringing the outside in!


Vinyl Floors

Vinyl flooring is extremely easy to install and maintain, whilst it comes in a wide variety of modern and unusual patterns – such as wood, marble or Moroccan style – giving a distinctive touch to your kitchen. What is more, it is the easiest surface to clean and disinfect. This might be the main reason why more and more homeowners have been opting for this type of flooring over the past year.


Black and White

Finally, if you want to add a unique feature to your kitchen without making any extreme – and costly – changes, consider painting the room black and white. If most of your kitchen is already white, then adding a fresh coat of black paint on the cabinets might just do the trick. This colour combination will make your kitchen look more luxurious and modern, and it is one of the latest trends in kitchen decoration.


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