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Top-hung OR bottom-hung bifolds?


Here at UK Doors Online, we often get the question ‘Are bottom-hung or top-hung bifolds better?’.

If you aren’t familiar with the two terms, top-hung bi-fold doors, as the name suggests, are the ones that ‘hang’ from the top track, using the bottom track as a guide, while bottom-hung run along a bottom track, with their weight being supported by the foot of the door.

So, which one is better? In this article you will read some pros and cons for each option, so you can make an informed decision.



Top hung bifold doors tend to be quite trickier to install compared to bottom rolling bi folds. That is because their installation requires a strong lintel or beam overhead, to carry the weight of the roof above – a difficulty that can be avoided if you choose a bottom rolling bifold instead.



Bottom hung bifolding doors need to be well maintained, as the bottom track tends to accumulate dirt and leaves while the door is open. This could potentially affect the door’s sliding motion over time – which is what makes it essential to take good care of this part of the door. Of course, dirt and leaves can accumulate on the top hung door’s bottom track as well; only difference is that this is unlikely to affect the door’s movement.



Both types of bifold doors can come in a wide variety of styles and colours, complementing any home or other property. Here at UK Doors Online, we provide aluminium bottom hung bifolds of class-leading design, with extra-large sash sizes and top quality hardware and accessories!



Finally, having a lower centre of gravity, bottom hung doors don’t pull down as much weight from the top of the frame. As a result, they provide smoother operation and tend to be more stable than top hung bifold doors.


Bifold doors manufactured by UK Doors Online using the Alutech BF73 aluminium doors system, stand out for their innovative design and smooth, quiet operation. If you have any questions, contact us at sales@ukdoorsonline.co.uk or give one of our friendly sales members a call on 01924 929 600.

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