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Upcoming Design Trends in 2021

It’s been a long year. But if there’s one thing to look forward to it’s the upcoming interior design and architecture trends of 2021.

From an increase in sustainability, to utilising natural elements and innovative new antimicrobial design. There are many trends forecasted to curate a more hopeful new year. Start the year one step ahead by getting on board with these top trends predicted for the early 20s.

Natural Elements

This year has been all about reconnecting with nature. Decorating your home with natural materials brings organic elements into your space reflecting the warmth and purity felt within nature. Trends which incorporate natural materials, such as rattan and wicker furniture (despite once being a patio staple) are due to increase indoors next year.

Health in Design

Design strategies are due to play a significant role in infection prevention and control. The current effort to fight and maintain the coronavirus outbreak has made it necessary for architecture and design to facilitate this fight. Increased ventilation, space, and antimicrobial coatings will become more prominent in both homes and public areas.

Office Space

You may have already made the shift into working from home. However, in 2021 your kitchen table desk conversion just won’t cut it. Permanent home office spaces will be designed into new builds. With conservatories and garden rooms being converted to create a more separate and dedicated work space.

Grey – Colour of the Year

Design by Eugene Buys

For the new year, Pantone has unveiled two contrasting shades for the upcoming year “ultimate grey” (Pantone 17-5104) and “illuminating yellow” (Pantone 13-0647). It’s this ultimate grey which will shape interior design for 2021. As the colour confidently sits in between shades of white and black, it can either create a calming and neutral vibe or make a dramatic and bold statement. In architecture, the ever popular anthracite grey will continue to dominate window and door facades.


The industrial style marries sleek modernity with old world charm. Utilising manmade materials, such as wood, iron and aluminium, in cool and simple schemes. Architecture that takes inspiration from loft and warehouse design will increase in both commercial and residential buildings. Capturing the effortless style of this design trend.


Once thought of as foundation tones for which bolder and brighter colours make their statement on top, neutrals are due to take the spotlight in the 2020s. Cool neutrals will be out and warm neutrals in, used to scheme entire rooms from paint to soft furnishings. Creating a serene and calming sanctuary of a living space, one without busy or harsh colours.

Inside Outside

Outdoor tables and chairs are pretty common features for gardens in the UK. But the real design trend for 2021 will be in truly capturing the indoors feeling outside. Dressing up outdoor furniture with soft furnishing suited for outside weather will be on-trend. Expect to see more garden rugs, seat pads, floor cushions and throws available for the outdoors this year.


With the prime minister vowing to cut CO2 emissions by 68% by 2030, innovative sustainable architecture and interior design will surely be doing their part. Renewable energy systems, natural landscaping and recycled materials are all on the rise for use in and outside of homes and buildings.

Natural Light

With more people in the UK spending time at home and home offices on the rise, 2021 will see homeowners looking for clever ways to brighten up their space. Skylights, lift and slide, and bifolding doors which exploit maximum glazing will be more commonplace in both homes and office spaces.

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