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What Your Door Colour Says About You

We use colour to express ourselves, whether it be in our hair, fashion or interior design choices. Colour can say a lot about you and your persona and the same can be said for your doors. A recent survey by Sandtex paints discovered that a property’s exterior colours can reveal something about the inhabitant’s personality. Giving indication to the overall feel of the house and the residents within it.

The colour of your doors can also help increase the value and kerb appeal of your home. Kerb appeal is defined as the attractiveness of a property and its surroundings when viewed from the street. This appeal can add up to 10% to the value of a property. It includes everything, from clean windows, to a well-kempt lawn, to the appearance of an entrance door. Applied Colour Psychologist, Karen Haller, claims that Brits make an assumption about a person in less than 10 seconds after seeing the colour of their front door. This is particularly important given that home-buyers decide to purchase a home in the first eight seconds of a viewing.

“The colour we paint our front door not only gives the outside world a clue to the personality of those who live inside. Your choice of colour can make all the difference.”

– Karen Haller

The right colour for your doors is not only dependent on your character, it should also reflect the style of your home and overall impression you want to give out. Different colours can leave a different impression on you and your home, here are what certain colours can imply to a passer-by. *DISCLAIMER I am not a colour expert, I just work with doors and enjoy making assumptions about people.



Black, despite being a timeless classic, is nothing but muted. A solid black door screams authority and control. Those residing behind its sturdy frame give the impression of sophistication and maturity. A black door indicates a secure and well protected home, and hey, if it’s good enough for Downing Street…

Despite being a universal and commonly used colour, black can clash with darker brickwork, and look over-industrial. However, against lighter exteriors, it looks striking and monochromatic.




A white door will give the impression that your home is a serene and airy space, a sanctuary of a sort. We associate white with new beginnings and clean slates (a blank canvas) which makes this door colour great for new homes and first-time buyers. White can also give a heightened illusion of space, which can improve the expansivity of a porch.

As white blends and balances out with every other shade in a colour palette, it works well with any exterior. Making it a popular door colour choice.



Anthracite Grey

Grey is a versatile colour to use on your doors. It can either give out a calming and neutral vibe or make a dramatic and bold statement. As a cool and conservative colour, it creates the impression of an intelligent and secure individual who is balanced, as the colour confidently sits in between shades of white and black.

Grey, particularly Anthracite, looks perfect on aluminium doors. When finished in a quality and durable powder coat, it provides your home with contemporary and stylish aesthetic. Read more about the benefits of powder coating here.




Those behind a green door are likely to be generous, down to earth and relaxed. Green is a welcoming and accessible colour. It sits neutrally in the middle of the colour spectrum making it an approachable and family-friendly colour. Green reflects the natural shades we see in nature. Which, in turn, connects your home to its natural surroundings. Making green work particularly well on heritage properties and in conservation areas.

Dark green is currently one of the hottest colour trends right now. With prestige paint and wallpaper creators Graham & Brown crowning ‘Adeline Green’ their 2020 colour of the year. Use on your external doors to keep ahead of the fashion.



The colour of romance and love which has been proven to raise our pulse and heart rate when viewing it. Red is a bold, passionate and alive colour. On a front door, it indicates that an entertaining and welcoming host resides inside, who is sure to provide a comforting and inviting home.

Despite being a courageous and exciting door choice, red has been used frequently on external doors throughout history. In early American tradition, a door painted red signalled a safe space for travellers to rest. In modern times, Scots may opt for red door to showcase they have paid off their mortgage.

Choose darker shades of red for a more traditional looking property, working great alongside warm-toned brick or sandstone.


Darker shades of blue are the most common door colour you will find in the UK. Often associated with business, it’s a traditional trusting and calm colour, used to indicate professionalism and credibility. On a door, it can imply a clean and focussed homeowner, someone with a clear head and mind. It is, hence, no surprise the Sandtex survey found that homeowners with blue exteriors tend to be more ‘successful’ than those in houses displaying any other colour.

Despite less conventionally used, lighter shades of blue for doors work perfectly in coastal regions and on rural properties to meet the ideal country-core aesthetic. Use darker shades against lighter colour exteriors to create a clean-cut contrast.

Our range of tailor-made aluminium bifold, patio and entrance doors are available in both standards colour options of Black, White and Anthracite Grey and an extensive range of RAL shades. With a number of complimenting door accessories and additions, it’s never been simpler to create a completely bespoke door fit for you. For more information on our range of aluminium bi-folding doors, patio doors and entrance doors contact us on 01924 929 600, or email one of our friendly sales team at sales@ukdoorsonline.co.uk

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