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When to Replace Your Entrance Door

As the main entrance to your home, it’s important to have a strong, secure, thermally insulated and visually appealing entrance door. With the average person opening and closing their front door around 2900 times a year, front doors can go through a fair amount of wear and tear. Installing a high-quality door can help reduce the long-term effects of general use and exposure to outside elements.

You may be due a door upgrade and not even know it, compromising the security and well-being of the occupants and belongings in your household. Here are 5 signs that your entrance door may need replacing. 


Cracks, dints and damages are good visual queues to asses the condition of your door. These can be worsened simply by door age and are particularly common with timber frames. Door damage can also occur through warping which can prevent the normal opening and closing operation of a door. The warping of entrance doors happens when the atmosphere on the opposing sides of the door is different. Such causes stress on one side of the door which is not balanced on the other side leading to expansion, which will eventually cause gaps between the door and its threshold.

With its added strength, Aluminium is much less likely to warp or rot than uPVC or timber doors and can withstand external pressures and stresses.

Thermally Inefficient

Ill-fitted or damaged doors can cause gaps between the door and frame which may let in drafts and prevent heat from being contained inside. Homes lose around to 10-20% of their heat through external doors so its important to have a well-structured door in order to stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

Our range of aluminium entrance doors have excellent weather-proofing making them thermally efficient and durable. As aluminium is non-corrosive our doors are perfect for coastal areas and can withstand the worst that Great British weather has to throw at them.


If you have single-glazed windows in your door it could be time you get a replacement. Double glazed windows improve thermal efficiency and solar gain as they can allow for a thermal break. Such creates a thermal barrier against heat loss by incorporating a low conductive material to the door makeup. Moving from single to double or triple glazing will save on average £95-£115 a year for a detached house and £65-£80 for a semi, and your entrance door may be a good place to start.

Our range of striking and efficient aluminium door windows come with the option of triple-glazing, for superior thermal performance and security.


Arguably the most pressing sign that you need to replace your front door, and pronto, is over security concerns. Research from Home Security Store reveals that 34% of burglaries occur through a home’s main door. Ensuring you have a secure entrance door should therefore be a priority for homeowners. Cracks and damages as well as gaps between your door and frame may leave your door vulnerable to intruders. The material of your entrance door can also determine the way burglars view how break-in-able your home is.

Our aluminium doors comply with the PAS24 Enhanced Security, tested in three key areas of security, weather resistance, and endurance. We use Ultion locks to provide superbly engineered safety for your home, giving you peace of mind.


A completely valid reason for replacing your entrance door is simply to update the design and overall visual appeal of your home. Your front door makes a statement about your entire property and upgrading your door can instantly give your house a sleek and contemporary first impression. In turn, the right front door can increase you property’s kerb appeal. This is supported by property tycoon Barbara Corcoran,who argues that home-buyers decide to purchase a home in the first eight seconds of a viewing.

With a large range of designs and colour options customisable to your aesthetic tastes, choosing an aluminium entrance door will ensure your home receives the wow-factor it deserve. Though classic shades of black, white and grey will always be a smart and safe choice, with the ability to incorporate RAL colours into your tailor-made door, you have the option to go bold and make a lasting colour statement on your property.

Time for an upgrade?

Our collection of tailor-made aluminium entrance doors are manufactured to high specification standards for the perfect performance solution. By utilising the Alutech BF73 aesthetically pleasing profile, excellent thermal performance and impressive looks are ensured. Aluminium makes for a strong, secure and thermally efficient door which will provide a low maintenance and visually striking addition to your home.

To find out more about our range of aluminium entrance doors view our product selection or give one of our friendly staff a call on 01924 929 600.

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