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Why choose French Doors for your Home


French Doors have been growing rapidly in popularity for a few years now, and it’s not hard to see why – they are a stunning addition to any home, adding to the overall aesthetic. Whether we are talking about interior doors, or external door which lead to an outdoor garden or patio, French doors are always a beautiful addition to your home. They do not only add value, but they also provide a whole host of other benefits.



French doors are very versatile, as they can open both inwards and outwards. Also, they can be used to connect interior spaces with exterior patios, porches or balconies, but they’re also ideal for connecting two interior rooms to each other – the glass will allow visibility from one room to the other while giving the illusion of a larger space. Therefore, if you want to turn a make a small space look bigger, these doors are perfect for you!



French doors, like all glass doors, allow for more light to flood into your home, just like a set of windows. In fact, you could replace your windows with a set of French doors and, as a result, let even more light into your home. What is more, during warmer months you can open the doors to expand your living space while allowing fresh air into your home.



Aluminium French doors are extremely durable and more hard wearing than other materials. Here at UK Doors Online, we make doors that are strong, highly corrosion resistant and do not rust or degrade. Also, our system allows for excellent insulation values and maximum weather proofing.

Finally, being made of glass doesn’t mean that French doors are not durable, especially since we’re talking about double or even triple glazed doors.



Last but definitely not least, the aesthetic beauty of French doors is what they are most known for! Their elegance and vintage look add a stylish and stunning aesthetic to any property type and will definitely make a great addition to your home.


What size can a French door be?

French doors are perfect for spaces where the opening may be too small for a bifold. UK Doors can manufacture aluminium French doors for spaces from 1200mm wide up to 2400mm wide, and each pane can be from 600mm wide up to 1200mm wide.


If you are interested in adding a versatile, durable and stylish French door to your property, UK Doors Online is the place for you. For any queries, our friendly sales team can assist you on 01924 929 600 or via email on sales@ukdoorsonline.co.uk.

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