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Why do my doors and windows have condensation?


Condensation is the moisture that sometimes appears on the inside or outside of a glass surface on doors and windows, and it can be really annoying – especially when blocking the amazing view of your sleek bifolding doors. Here at UK Doors Online we’ve been asked this question before: Why do my doors and windows have condensation? Is this a problem?

The answer is simple – no, this isn’t a problem and here is why.


Exterior Condensation

Condensation on the outside of your doors or windows is a completely natural phenomenon; when humidity is high it creates condensation on any surface of a temperature lower than that of the air touching it. Therefore, this is bound to happen especially during autumn and spring, when the air is cooler in the morning or night but then it warms up when the sun comes out at midday.

While this occurrence might be annoying, it really isn’t anything to worry about. In fact, it is something that affects properties with very efficient double-glazed or triple-glazed doors and windows, and it simply means that the glazing is so efficient that the outer pane is much colder than the inner one, resulting in the condensing reaction with the air outside!


Interior Condensation and Gap Condensation

Inner condensation is caused by high humidity in the air inside your home. This type of condensation is very common on single-glazed panels, however, it can sometimes form on more efficient double-glazed doors and windows too – especially during cold winter days, when the inside of your house is by far warmer than the outside temperature.

Lastly, gap condensation is the result of a double-glazed door that needs to be replaced. All double-glazed doors have a small gap between the interior and exterior pane, which is filled with a harmless gas that helps keep the warm air in and the cold air out. Sometimes, when the seal around the edges has broken, the insulating gas will escape, causing condensation to appear between the two panes.

If this has happened to your door, you might want to consider replacing it with a UK Doors Online, double-glazed bi-folding, patio and entrance door. All our products offer exceptional levels of thermal performance, security and sound insulation.


If you are unsure of what is the best option for your home, our expert sales team can help you. Just give us a call on 01924 929 600 or view our quick and easy online door designer.

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