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Bifolds VS Patio Doors for your House Extension

When planning a house extension, one of the decisions that must be made is about the type of door that will connect your home to the patio or garden. Safety and functionality are perhaps the two most important factors to consider. However, an elegant and modern design is also important and should be factored in during the decision-making process.

Patio doors can be either lift-and-slide or simply sliding doors and they can help frame outdoor views, creating a light, bright space in your home. They effectively make a glazed wall, creating an open and accessible space between the indoors and outdoors. Similarly, bifolding doors  offer a seamless transition from inside to outside; what makes them more unique, is that they can open your new extension fully to the outside, opening up an entire wall.

If you are finding it hard to decide on the perfect door for your extension, keep reading for more information on each option.


Patio Doors

  • Are usually made up of larger panes of glass compared to bifolding doors – as a result, they offer the best and most unhindered view all year long when they are closed.
  • They are the most space-saving doors since they work within their existing framework without taking up any extra space in your room. However, a similar result can be achieved with bifolding doors if you decide to install them folding outwards instead of inwards.


Bi-fold Doors

  • No other door can fully open up a wall space like a bifolding door, offering the most unhindered view of the outside.
  • They lock from multiple points, a detail that helps provide even more security than sliding doors, which usually only lock from one point.
  • Installing blinds on bifolding doors is very easy, making them a safe and practical addition to your home.


Now that you know the benefits of each door type, you can decide based on what is more important to you. Here at UK Doors Online, we offer a wide range of aluminium bi-folding and patio doors that are ensured to add value, practicality and style to your extension. If you are still unsure and need some expert advice, or want more information on what we can do for you, contact us on 01924 929 600. Alternatively, you can email one of our friendly sales team of experts at sales@ukdoorsonline.co.uk.


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