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Increase your Home’s Kerb Appeal


First impressions count; your home’s exterior should make a great first impression, as it sets the stage for what’s inside. Whether you’re looking to sell your property or just want to make some upgrades for your own enjoyment, adding kerb appeal can be an excellent way to increase your home’s value. Below you will read a few examples of ways to effectively increase your home’s kerb appeal.


Curate your Lawn

One of the easiest ways to increase your home’s kerb appeal is by taking care of your lawn on a regular basis. Try to set aside some time every couple of weeks to mow the grass, rake off leaves and pull weeds. Also, keep it well watered to prevent brown spots; this shouldn’t be too hard, especially considering the British weather. The secret to a well-maintained lawn is to keep up with it – you do not have to be an avid gardener and lawn care does not have to become a huge project.


Put Potted Plants or Trees

An even easier way to make your home’s façade more appealing is to add some plants or trees. For instance, some potted plants beside your front door will bring charm and colour to your entrance. Window boxes and hanging planters are also stylish options, especially if you don’t have much room in your main entrance. Again, you do not have to invest too much on this project; even just a couple of small plants can make a huge difference to your home’s exterior.


Light it Up

If your entryway is dark at night, it can ruin someone’s first impression on the spot. Imagine approaching a home as a visitor and having to turn on the flash on your phone in order to make your way to the entrance! To avoid this situation, place lights on either side of the door and wherever else is needed to make the space look and feel more bright and welcoming.


Add Bifolding Doors

Bi-folding doors are ideal for some added WOW factor that will instantly increase your home’s kerb appeal! They can transform an entire wall into glass, guaranteeing fantastic views and ultimate light levels. Nothing says luxury like a set of sleek and modern bifolds that occupy big part of your house’s front, connecting it to the yard and creating an open and accessible space between the indoors and outdoors.


Upgrade your Front Door

Lastly, your front door is a big part of the house’s exterior and add great value to your property. If your entrance door is old and dull, this will certainly have an impact to the rest of your home’s façade; for this and for many other reasons, it is important to have a strong, secure, thermally insulated and visually stunning entrance door. If you decide to upgrade your front door, pay attention to the colour you choose, as it can reveal a lot about your personality.


Are you ready to increase your home’s kerb appeal? Here at UK Doors Online, we offer a wide range of bi-folding, patio and entrance doors that are ensured to increase the value of your property. For more information on what we can do for you, contact us on 01924 929 600, or email one of our friendly sales team at sales@ukdoorsonline.co.uk.

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